New Beginnings

Beginnings are the hardest part for me in…pretty much anything. Art, roleplay, writing a novel? Beginnings are tough. I worry (ie: obsess) over the perfect words to hook the reader, the perfect lines to start my next masterpiece of art or the perfect mood to set the scene for the entire RP. Sometimes, I worry so much that I put it off. Three days later, that’s the last thing I wanna do. Start something new? It’s strangely painful.

Then I go: “C’mon dork, just get it written (or, in art’s case, sketched). Even if you don’t like what comes out…you can always try again!” I mope, I bitch, I moan. I make a lot of noise as I procrastinate. I blare My Chemical Romance or Paramore and go: “OKAY. I CAN DO THIS. Right? Riiiight?”

And typically, my first try is pretty darn good. I go, “Wow, I should’ve done this three days ago, it really would’ve lifted my spirits!” Do I ever take my own advice? Heck no. I wait until the next project, cue procrastination, and do it all over again. So what if it’s a flawed system? I get it done eventually, don’t I? Someday I’ll learn to just suck it up and do it. Probably.

Still, beginnings are hard. But necessary. In order to finish something, I have to start it. And in this case, in order to get a readership, I should probably blog. Do I know how to blog? No. Not at all. I’ve never been the journal-y type (unless you count the pre-teen years where I signed a different name under each entry, trying out different personas because my name just didn’t fit me). The idea of keeping up with a blog, posting things that people (ie: future readers and fellow writers, I’d hope!) would like to read and relate to? I have no idea how I’m going to do it, but here we are. First blog post.

Look, Ma, I did it! 😀


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