The Release of the New Fairy Tales Anthology

E is for: Excitement! Eee 😀

Today, my copy of Aurora Wolf’s anthology, The New Fairy Tales Anthology, came in the mail 😀 I was expecting it, but not so soon, so I’m delighted. The book is separated into two parts: One for a younger audience, and one for the older audience. My short-story, Burn, is in the second category.

Burn tells the story of Lumiere, a phoenix-changeling stolen from her nest and locked away in a castle by one of the dark Fae. Grigori is the only one who can make her cry–tears of torment and anguish; tears with healing properties that fetch a pretty penny on the market. She yearns to leave the castle, to spread her fiery wings and fly. And when wolf-man, Sebastian Malloy comes into the picture with the deed to the property and magic of his own, that dream might not be so far off.

My summary sucks: I need to learn how to do them properly! EITHER WAY, that’s what it’s about! It was one of my favorite stories to write–I hope people enjoy reading it. 😀

I can’t wait to read the rest of the stories in the anthology, but between getting back “on the writing horse” and being immersed in a novel that’s due back to the library in a few days, I just haven’t had a chance! It’s on my to-do list!

You can buy The New Fairy Tales Anthology direct through CreateSpace, or over on Amazon. The editors at Aurora Wolf are working to put the anthology up in e-book form soon, as well, and I will edit with links when they become available!

If you end up reading and liking the anthology, we’d love if you could put up a review on Amazon!

-stops procrastinating- Back to Wolfsong!


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