Here I Go

It’s not often that my siblings and I have the same taste in music, but every time they had their Pandora stations playing loudly, I’d hear a couple of songs and every time, I was like, “Hey, who’s this. I like them.”

They’d reply: “Relient K.” (And then promptly roll their eyes, like I should know this.)

So I started listening to them. And…well. They’re my favorite band at the moment, between their punk-pop-acoustic sound, the sexy vocals, and the meanings behind the lyrics.

I heard this song…and it’s so…me. The lyrics strike a chord (no pun intended :P) deep within me and I just keep listening to it on repeat on my ancient MP3 player.

For me, it signifies the fact that I am ready. Ready to release my debut novel, despite the setbacks, despite the preaching I had growing up that I’d never make it, that it was just a pipe-dream. Oh, and my personal favorite: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Sorry, Dad, but the basket’s full. I don’t plan to ever stop writing. No more sitting around, waiting for something to happen. Time to make this dream a reality.

So yes. I love this song 😛


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