Saturday Snippet: Spellbound #1

Subtitle: Wow, I Really Fail At Blogging.
Subtitle’s Subtitle: And Coming Up With Creative Titles. FTW.

Haha, that said, I am going to have to start scheduling posts because Monday goes by and it’s Wednesday and I’m like: “Whoo…I forgot to post!”…and then it’s Friday and I’m like: “Oh, I forgot again -facepalm-“. Just a matter of daily habits. Which I’m learning. Slowly. Blargh! ANYWAY. I’ve decided to start my Re-blogging on Saturday, instead of waiting until Monday.

I’ve decided that Saturday is a good day to share a snippet for the week. So weekly, I’ll be taking a few sentences out of my current work-in-progress, to share with readers. They might be happy, they might be sad…they might just be what I consider ‘pretty’ words, or a piece that I really like. Who knows!

So. I’d like to start off with the first excerpt from Spellbound. Wylde is a Wyvern princess quickly coming upon the throne, and her father’s making her choose a suitor in a fortnight to be her lifemate and future king, even if she doesn’t love the man she chooses:

He wouldn’t act like this if Mother was still alive. She blinked back the threat of tears and let the breeze carry her to the edge. Her gaze stole across the horizon, the light of the moon casting the sands of Vanla in a blue-violet hue. The stars dotted a black velvet sky, tiny pinpricks of light, and Wylde raised her arms.

He didn’t own her. His blood might run deep within her body, but he had no control over her soul. She threw her head back and let loose another shriek, the sound piercing the silent night air like a siren. Not at all human, but then again, she wasn’t one.

Before anyone could come up and stop her, Wylde threw herself forwards. Three steps and she was suddenly mid-air, careening towards the ruthless ground, hundreds of feet from the top of the Nest. Her silk dress fluttered in the wind as she fell: down, down, down.


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