Book Review: Red by Kait Nolan

Last spring, upon pondering over the idea of going indie ourselves, my friend and CP, Sadie Hart, introduced me to a couple of indie authors: Kait Nolan and Susan Bischoff. I began to stalk follow their blogs. Both of them are awesome and write YA paranormal romances (so go check them out!)

So naturally, I had to read their stuff šŸ˜› I’ve bought and read both Red by Kait Nolan and Hush Money by Susan Bishcoff, but it was earlier this year. Time for a refresher! Add in my kindle app for my Android phone and you’ve got a recipe for READING TIME! So I’ve decided to try my hand at a review!

Red is a YA paranormal romance, a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood…with werewolves. (My personal opinion: Both times I read it, I didn’t feel that much of a ‘fairy tale’ vibe in this, vs. just an awesome werewolf romance. Just my two cents.)

It’s written in first-person, alternating between the two Main Characters, Sawyer and Elodie. This was a bonus for me; I love this point of view and Kait did it awesomely. Each character had their own mannerisms and ways of talking, and I enjoyed being in both their heads!

For me, Elodie was a strong, stubborn heroine, and Sawyer’s anger issues in the beginning of the book (and how he controls them/how Elodie calms his wolf) made him all the more sexy. I loved the story line and I didn’t foresee the Big Bad until the scene was upon me. The pacing was a little slow in the beginning (again, this is my opinion; keep in mind that I’m ADD!) but she pulled it off with a wonderful ending and follow-up.

I loved the fact that despite this being a werewolf novel, it wasn’t focused on packs/pack life, but instead on the characters and the hunter stalking Elodie. It just felt more unique to me this way.

Did I mention the romance? The kiss scenes in Red were one of my favorites in a YA book. The romance was sweet and sexy, without being over the top, or too adult. Kait Nolan knows how to write romance! (And I only wish I was that talented :P)

I finished Red in less than 48 hours and realized there were things IĀ  MISSED when reading the first time. And it totally made my day to re-discover the book!

So the long and short of it? Four and a half weenies!

I loved this book and will read it again! If you love werewolves, strong heroes, and sexy YA romance, I have the feeling you’ll love Red too! I’d recommend this to my little sister…if she wasn’t so against e-books šŸ˜›


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