Spellbound: Finished! Now With More Cover Reveal!

So. I started the beast that is Spellbound as a fun, seat-of-my-pants ride through NaNoWriMo 2010. I made it through 40k and crashed. I thought it was horrible and never wanted to look at it again. Earlier last year, I decided to put it on my Kindle and give it a read-through, to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

And I loved it. Sure, it needed a few fixings, but I quickly went back to work, adding changes and freshening up the prose. I love Wylde’s spunk and Kascien’s stubborn spirit. I was determined to have it done in December…and that got moved to January. And now it’s February. It’s been a long three months…but as of today, February 8th, Spellbound is officially done. Well, first draft, anyway 😛 71.6k total. This number will change come edits.

The next month and a half will be filled with read-throughs and critiques. Changes will be made, all for the better (I hope!) to make Spellbound as strong as it can be.

So, what better to celebrate the end of a novel…than to have a cover release? 🙂 I’ve been working on this for the past three months and I’m finally happy with it! If all goes well, I aim to have Spellbound available in e-format by the end of March!


Wylde Debraux is 16; sassy, fiercely independent—and the Wyvern princess of the desert tribe of Kiir’vanan. When her father demands she choose a suitor within a fortnight to become her mate, Wylde rebels…and finds herself face to face with her enemies.

Born without power, Kascien Trump is a slave to the Magi. He’s as trapped as the bio-engineered dragonhounds he breeds and fights for his master. Then Wylde blazes into his life, offering him the possibility of freedom, and he knows she’s probably his only ticket out of there. Alive, anyway.

But when Wylde’s captured, the spellbound slave and the fiery dragon-shifter have to put aside their differences and work together to outwit the Magi and escape the clutches of Kascien’s corrupt master…or lose themselves trying.


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