I Know It’s Not A Monday, But…

I need to share this music with you πŸ™‚ I’m like super-obsessed with this guy right now; I plan on buying the CDs he has available on Amazon, but just haven’t had the chance. I especially love the songs where it’s just him and the piano…brilliant. Really wish this guy was bigger than he currently is :0 He’s got raw talent…compared to people like Ke$ha who are rich and famous…for no apparent reason (I’m not bashing her! She’s fun to dance to xD But if we’re being honest here, talented isn’t a word I’d use to describe her. My opinion :P)


As for me, I’m surviving. Fell off the ‘healthy’ lifestyle for a bit due to Evil Bronchitis, working my fitness level back up again now. I have noticed that while I was eating healthier/exercising daily, I had more energy and was more excitable and overall happy. So I want to get back to that level!

We had to have one of our elderly dogs put down earlier this month because she was doing really bad…worse than we realized after we took her in. Immy and I didn’t see eye to eye, so I’m not that broken by it…but the fact that my girl, Lily, my heartdog, is Immy’s littermate…and is gonna be eleven…kills. I wish I could breathe years back onto her life. I love her…but I hope she sticks around a long while πŸ™‚ Doxies can live to be 15+ so here’s to hoping!

Writing wise, kind of all over the place, lol! TRYING to finish Souljacker (which totally has a summary now, go look ! ;D) but I’m just feeling rather…unsettled with it. Still hoping to finish up those 8 scenes in the next week or so! Still hoping for a May release πŸ™‚

And in good news, my WIP from last year, Hunger, is telling me its a trilogy and the last book sounds totally badass in my head! Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to that book until mid-2013. Too many ideas, too little time.



3 Replies to “I Know It’s Not A Monday, But…”

  1. It’s sad to see our little four-legged babies get older. I rescued my mini-dachshund, Tiko, from an abused home. To this day I cannot understand how anyone could have hurt him the way they did. (It makes me want to kick THEM across the floor a few dozen times.) He had behavioral issues because of all the mistreatment, but worst of all, he had spinal problems that caused him serious pain from time to time. But he was totally my sweetheart, and we had eight great years together!

    Sounds like your writing projects are moving forward. I finally got the time to start reading “Spellbound” but I only made it through a couple pages before I was interrupted. Looking forward to checking out some of your work!

    Laura Ritchie

    1. Aww, thank you Laura! That’s so sad about Tiko, but at least you got eight good years with him! ❀ We've had Lily and Immy since they were little, but our newest boy, Remy (who's a Chiweenie! Best–and worst–of both breeds!) came from multiple abused homes… He was sooo scared/beaten down when my mom brought him home at four months old, but although he still has issues barking at -every- little sound (lol doxies) he's doing great; he's confident for the most part, sometimes borderline cocky little boy and I love him πŸ™‚

      1. I think they are the greatest little dogs. I will probably have another one some day, but not until I’m home more. They really like plenty of attention.

        And you’re right… they are a little yappy. But, oh what fun! πŸ™‚

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