Souljacker: Cover Reveal!

I am officially down to five scenes remaining in the Big Boss Battle on my WIP, Souljacker. (Well, technically four remaining in the BBB, and one for story-wrapup, but still!) Whoot whoot! Kicking butt, I am. Of course, it’s all thanks to the lovely Sadie Hart, for using that cattleprod and…zapping me into submission and writing the end.

The end. Ominious, isn’t it? Ends are superbly hard for me. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ve been with these characters for 60k+ words, and know their book’s coming to a close and don’t want to give them up? Or if it’s the fact that I’m sick and tired of them and want it to be over (LOL!) that makes me halt around the 8-scenes-left line. I’ve done if for almost every book I’ve written. xD It’s just a Kodi-thing. But that’s okay!

The important thing is: I’m getting it done. I hope to have Souljacker completely written and a pass-over done by Monday, and out to betas the next day. Edits in April. And I still have hopes of a mid-May release date, but nothing’s set in stone.

BUT I do have a…dundundun…. Cover reveal 😀


Only one more year until she’s 18, then Lucifer Swift can start a new life, one not filled with loveless foster homes and whispered rumors—painful reminders of her past. She knows she’ll never outrun her Need, the monster inside of her that can suck the life force out of someone with just a touch, but she can sure as hell try. Nothing holds her here. She has no family, no friends, nothing.

Until she meets him.

Iofiel is a Cyberhound—a dark Faerie creation who can shift from man to canine and back again in the blink of an eye. Pack law denies him the right to love, but Iofiel can’t suppress his want. And he wants what he can’t have: A certain girl with haunted blue eyes, a girl with secrets darker than his…


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