Long-awaited Update and Cover Reveal!

Hi, everyone 🙂 I’m not dead, honest! As I said before in this post, I’ve been going through some personal issues, dealing with depression and anxiety (performance anxiety? Perhaps…) and I’m really trying to work through this. Some days it’s harder than others, some days I want to give up on this sometimes unattainable (or so it feels) dream of being a writer…but in the end, writing is what I do, what I’ve always done, and how do you just give something like that up? I don’t know either.

So everyone who’s stuck around and continued to support me, for everyone who emailed me with messages of support and well-wishes—Thank you. It means the world to me. And I want to also thank you for being patient—I know I haven’t gotten any new books published this year and I want you to know that I’m working on it.

What’s coming up?

I’m currently working on a YA urban fantasy trilogy that revolves around weredogs (and wolves!) and witches, which I’m calling The Straydog Series. Straydog (Book #1) is written and books 2 and 3 are in outline-mode. Hoping to kick some major tail and get this trilogy out this fall. I really think my fans of Wolfsong will really enjoy Remie’s tale. 🙂

Also, in the planning stages, is my first foray into New Adult fantasy. I have a few series ideas I’m playing with, so I can’t share much right now, but just wanted to let everyone know that it’s in the cards.

And finally—

After almost 2 years of being published, I have decided to revamp Wolfsong’s cover art. My goal was to make the cover reflect the romantic aspect of the novel. I plan to re-release Wolfsong with its new cover soon!



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