Now Available: Straydog (Straydog Trilogy #1)

This is an older piece of mine that has never quite left me, the characters too vivid in my mind, even after I wrapped up the story. So I decided to give it a go from a young-adult angle…and I feel it worked really well, so this is a trilogy that I’m looking forwards to sharing with everyone!

Set in a world where witches and weres keep themselves hidden from humanity, the Straydog Trilogy is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance crossover that tells the story of Remie and Torsten. It’s an inter-connected trilogy, so yes there is a bit of a cliffhanger, but I hope that doesn’t deter you. I hope you guys enjoy it!


StraydogOfficialStraydog (YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy) – Straydog Trilogy #1 – .99c

17-year-old Remie Winters dreams of graduating high school, marrying her boyfriend, and starting a family of her own, so when she ends up pregnant, she’s ecstatic. Sure she’s young, but she wants this baby more than anything—but upon spilling the news, her world is flipped upside down. Her boyfriend dumps her, her dad flips his lid and kicks her out and nothing seems ease the ache in her heart.

Until Torsten Stone comes back into her life—charming, gentle, and oh, so sweet, he’s exactly what she needs.

Torsten’s loved Remie his entire life, but he was never brave enough to tell her. Now he has the chance to make up for lost time, to hold her fragile heart in his hands, and as he falls deeper in love with Remie and the little life growing inside of her, he knows he wants her. Not just for a little while; he wants her by his side, forever.

But Torsten has a secret—one that could shatter their newfound relationship if she ever found out. Because Remie’s all too human and Tor isn’t human at all…

Read the first chapter here!

Available here:

Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble


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