A Little October Update

Hey all 🙂

Just wanted to make a little update post. Trying to balance everything I need to do vs. everything I want to do–and my time management skills tend to lack a little, to be completely honest lol! I’m not the most organized person. But I’ve done so much better (production-wise) this year than in 2012 and I’m proud of myself for that!

So first off–Wildheart (Straydog #2) is nearly finished, with about 4 scenes left to go to “the end” of draft #1. Then edits, betas, more edits, final polish, formatting–and then it will be RELEASED. How soon…I’m not sure, but I am hoping mid-November. When I get a little closer to time, I’ll post on Facebook (so if you haven’t given me a like yet over there and you want to, here’s the link!) I will be doing a blurb/cover reveal soon, followed by the first chapter release 🙂

What’s after that? I’m diving into Bloodmoon (Straydog #3) this November and that novel will wrap up Remie and Torsten’s story (and the three books will be released in a BOX SET shortly after!)

I’m also going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year–1667 words a day on a new adult contemporary romance, a piece that’s been bugging me for awhile now, and I’ll have more to share on that soon!

And finally, Otherside. Wolfshadow (Otherside #3) will be a bit different; for one, it’s set several years in the future of the next generation with what I hope is a fresh perspective. It is plotted and needs a fleshed out outline, but I reaaaally like how it feels in my head and I like the characters. That said, going so much farther timeline-wise, has really opened up a set of characters… Wolfsong (and now Wolfspirit as well) seems to be the most enjoyed books that I’ve written and I’m pleased to say that I’m no longer considering it a trilogy…but a series. There will be one book, at least, after Wolfshadow–that I can say for sure.

Once again, a big thank you to my fans and the people who support me by reading, reviewing, and loving my books. I am humbled, guys. Thank you and have an awesome Halloween!


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