WILDHEART – Cover/Blurb Reveal!

First draft of Wildheart (Straydog #2) is finished as of today! I still have various edits as well as a few scenes being reworked, but I’ve typed “the end” and that’s always a satisfying feeling. That said, I want to share the cover and the blurb for this book 🙂

If you don’t already know, the Straydog books are an interconnected trilogy that tell the story of Remie and Tor. Therefore, I highly recommend you don’t read Wildheart before you read Straydog. That said, if you don’t like spoilers, I wouldn’t read the blurb until you’ve finished Straydog 🙂

That said! Cover~





Spoilers below



And the blurb 🙂

In the wake of Tor’s betrayal, Remie is left picking up the pieces of her life as she knew it. It feels like she’s lost everything, but despite the overwhelming emotion threatening to suffocate her, she knows she can’t give up. Just because she’s a weredog now doesn’t mean she’s any less than human—but it does mean she has to deal with the Loneliness that comes with not being around other weres.

Enter Sasha Townsend, the werewolf exiled from Clearkreek for killing his girlfriend. When their lives begin to intertwine, an unlikely friendship blooms between them. Aloof but sweet, his presence eases the ache in Remie’s soul as he helps her navigate through new obstacles in her life—including the fact that somehow, she still loves Torsten Stone.

When another human is found slaughtered, torn up by fang and claw, the pack tries to pin the blame on Sasha—but Remie knows that he didn’t do it. He wasn’t the one who killed his girlfriend and he didn’t do this and against all odds, she’s determined to prove his innocence.

But there’s another, darker danger lurking in the shadows. Waiting to strike…


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