Midweek #ROW80 Check In

So, totes skipped Sunday’s check in. Not on purpose, just because I got busy with “real life” and kinda spaced it. If it wasn’t for seeing a post on Facebook, I would’ve spaced it again!

So, that said. Things I’ve accomplished this week:

Have 3500 words of outline done for Wolfshadow (Yes, I’m going back to the grind of outlining because I can’t seem to get anywhere pantsing! LOL Old habits die hard) then promptly hit a wall because I /knew/ I had it outlined already… But I couldn’t find the file on either computer. And kinda panicked. Somehow found it pasted into an email I sent myself. 0.o IDEK what happened there. Need to save as a word doc and email it (back) to myself and pick it back up and finalize.

Had an interview at the place where my dad works 🙂 Took the drug test/did the background check paperwork today. Sounds like orientation will be the 26th but we’ll see. It’s going to be a huge change in my life, not just holding a job but handling everything that comes with it. I’m both excited and terrified for my future XD Mainly really just want my own apartment ❤ My grandma took me out and got me new shoes and inserts since I’ll be standing/walking a lot. Going to break them in this week.

Tomorrow I THINK everything is off my schedule and I’ll be able to tackle Shadow’s outline once more 🙂


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