Sunday #ROW80 Check In + an update :)

This week has been spent playing catch-up. Decided to take the plunge and sign up for NaNoWriMo, figure I can use it to kick my butt in gear and punch out some words before December…which is usually my terrible anxiety month, due to the holiday stress, but we’ll see what the future holds, right? Also, I nailed down what I want to focus on writing and releasing this coming year (hint: it’s Otherside related) with a tentative release schedule to keep me going. I won’t say much beyond that until first drafts are done, but I think fans of the series will be pleased 🙂

That said, no new “actual” words done this week, meaning, no words on a work-in-progress.

HOWEVER I did bolt through 8.5k of Wolfshadow’s outline (gonna aim to finish the rest of it tonight, as I really just have the “boss battle/happily ever after” to iron out, so will be estimating my outline will clock in at 12k total…which is a lot, for an outline, but I’ve written much longer (I believe Straydog’s outline was 20k?) so we’ll see.

AND, because I have an idea for a cute little Otherside Christmas story set in Kia’s POV after the events of Wolfspirit, I outlined that completely today (another 3.3k) and will start drafting it this month, to ensure that it’s beta’d and edited and perfect for a December freebie release 🙂 It’ll likely be up for free not only here on the blog, but on Wattpad, sent out as a newsletter on Christmas Eve (so sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already!) as well as it will be release in ebook and print at the end of Wolfspirit (that’s another goal for this year, since I have a job, I can outsource and get my books formatted for paperback!).

Heck yeah, I think I’m (slowly) getting to be back in business and I really hope I can keep cranking out books for you guys, cuz you’ve been SO patient with me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart 🙂



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