Wolfsong (Otherside #1)

First in The Otherside Series

3D Cover

Welcome to the Otherside, where werewolves are real, the supernatural exists, and tension between two halves of a fractured wolf pack threatens to erupt into a full-scale war.

For the Altehrei wolf pack, 17-year-old Kia Silverwind is their final hope.

Kia knows nothing about the realm of his birth until beautiful werewolf Arii shows up to bring him home. With his father missing, Kia is now the rightful Alpha. The idea of leading a pack of wolves into battle isn’t something he thinks he’s capable of, but Kia’s not given a choice.

All he wants to do is go home, back to the “real world” where his only worry is not flunking calculus. But there is a lot more than grades at stake here, where rank is dictated by the color of your eyes and the full moon awakens beastly powers.

If Kia ever wants to go home, he will have to win the war…or die trying.



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5 Replies to “Wolfsong (Otherside #1)”

  1. Hi, My name is Michelle. I work with Ann at Arby’s. She knows the type of books i’m into and told me to check your stuff out… Lets just say that by reading this first chapter of this book, I’m totally hooked on your writing. Your the exact kind of author I’m into and wish i had the creative mind to be. I’m already becoming a huge fan. Congrats on the new book by the way, can’t wait to read Souljackers.


      1. Just finished Wolfsong by the way and CANNOT wait for the sequel~!! So excited….your an uh-mazing writer and I’m so glad Ann pointed you out to me…you have a true fan behind you and always a friend if you need another one (:

  2. Kodilynn,
    I love Wolfsong. I’m currently only on chapter 12 (only started to read it yesterday) and its great! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for book 2. 😀

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