For Book Bloggers & Guest Bloggers/Hosts

Book Bloggers: For those of you who have book blogs and do reviews, if you’re interested in reviewing any of my novels or novellas, send me an email at kodilynncalhoun (at) yahoo (dot) com with the link of your blog. I will send you a complimentary ebook copy of whichever book you’d like to blog about, in exchange for an honest review posted on Goodreads and Amazon. If you’d like to do an interview or giveaway along with this review, I’d be up for it! Just let me know. I’ll provide the winner an ebook copy of whichever book we’re contesting off.

And let’s help each other out! If you’re a published author (indie or traditional) of YA fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi and would like to be a guest blogger or host blogger, read on:

Guest Bloggers: If you would like to be hosted on my blog as a guest blogger, send me a message at the above email with the subject “Guest” with your blog post and a little about yourself and your book, as well as links to your site and links where to buy/read, I will be happy to host you 🙂

Blog Hosts: For anyone who is willing to host a blog post by me, email me at the above address with the subject “Host” and your requirements to guest-post on your blog. In return, I’ll host a guest post for you, if you’d like, either now or later on down the line!