Neverlost [Standalone]

NeverlostCoverNeverlost  – $2.99

Running from the past, from the dark memories she keeps locked away deep inside herself, 19-year-old Teagan Blakely is making it. Sure, she’s broke and working two dead-end jobs just to make ends meet, but she’s finally on her own and despite the pain she’s suffered, she’s still here. For Teagan, that’s good enough. All she has to do is paste on a cheery smile every morning and serve coffee to the people who stand in line, day in and day out. Simple enough?

But who says the smile she wears has to be fake?

Aspiring musician Elias St. James happens upon the coffeeshop quite by accident, but the moment he lays eyes upon the beautiful yet haunted girl taking orders, his mind freezes up and his tongue goes numb. There’s something about Teagan, something deeper than the sadness and pain he sees in her rainy-day eyes, that reaches out and strums the chords of his soul and from that day on, Elias makes it his duty to make her smile, to bring back the sunshine in her eyes—and in her heart.

Making her smile is one thing, but getting such a girl to fall in love with him? That’s a different story…

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