Wolfshadow (Otherside #3)

Third in The Otherside Series

3D Cover-3

All he’s ever wanted was peace…

As heir to the Rashti throne, Korr Blackthorn is expected to continue the generations-old feud between his pack and the Altehrei. Korr doesn’t want to lead, but he also knows that he’s the only one who can help his pack recover from their sordid past.

Every night, a sorrowful voice calls to Korr in his dreams. A wolf made of shadows dances through his mind, touching his very soul with her songs. Korr soon discovers that the nameless girl from his dreams is real. They share a rare power of foresight, but unlike Korr, she hasn’t learned to control her gift. Her Sight is a curse and the visions are tearing her apart.

She’s beautiful and broken and Korr knows he’s the only one who can save her. But when tragedy strikes, how can he choose between his own people and the girl who is undoubtedly his soulmate?



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