Wolfspirit (Otherside #2)

Second in The Otherside Series


3D Cover-2


The only good guy is a gay guy. At least, that’s what Shae Thomas thinks. After her relationship of two years turns toxic, she swears off boys for good–except her ex won’t take no for an answer.

So when Aliel, a handsome werewolf from Shae’s past, shows up with an invitation to go to the Otherside and explore that part of herself, Shae is quick to accept.

But trouble is brewing. Her brother’s pack is being investigated for a recent string of werecat murders and the accusations could lead to war. But soon its not just the cats that are in danger and suddenly, Shae is caught up in the middle of it. Between threats and her unwanted yet obvious attraction to the charmingly aloof Aliel, Shae begins to wonder if she should have even come to the Otherside at all…



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